1386 Lafayette Street (Jeremiah Schellinger House)



Building Name:  Jeremiah Schellinger House
Address: 1386 Lafayette Street
Architect:  Unknown
Builder: Unknown
Year:  ca. 1860
Type:  Residential
Style: Italianate Motifs and Octagon Style
Current Status: Extant
Historic American Building Survey (HABS) number:  NJ-747
Material of Construction:  Frame, sheathed in clapboards
Shape and Dimensions of Structure:   Octagonal plan; 1-story; flat roof
Exterior Features of Note:   Front porch extends across three sides of the house with bracketed eaves and decorated frieze; bracketed eaves and decorated frieze.

Fine simple example of an octagon house, a unusual, somewhat Utopian housing form popular during the mid 19th century.

1386 Lafayette Street (Jeremiah Schellinger House)

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