1048 Washington Street (Emlen Physick House)



Building Name: Emlen Physick House
Address: 1048 Washington Street
Architect:  Furness, Frank
Builder: Shaw, Charles
Year: 1879
Type:  Residential
Style: Stick Style/Shingle Style
Current Status: Extant
Historic American Building Survey (HABS) number:  NJ-746
Material of Construction:  Frame, with beveled siding and exposed framing
Shape and Dimensions of Structure:  60′ x 521 with 22′ x 35′ rear wing; 2-1/2 stories; gable, mansard and hip roofs; hip-roofed porch across portions of northwest front and northeast side
Exterior Features of Note:  Numerous shed-roofed and jerkinhead-roofed dormers; porch supported by heavy angle braces; overhanging cross gable on southwest side; ornate, stepped brick chimneys; eaves supported by rafters

Excellent Stick Style/Shingle Style villa

1048 Washington Street (Emlen Physick House)

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