615 Columbia Avenue (Harrison House)



Building Name:  Harrison House
Address:  615 Columbia Avenue
Architect:  Button, Stephen Decatur
Builder: Hand and Ware
Year:  1867-68
Type:  Residential
Style: Victorian Architectural Elements
Current Status: Extant
Historic American Building Survey (HABS) number:  NJ-906

615, 617, and 621 Columbia Avenue (Harrison, Warne and Morris Houses) all similar except that the Morris House has cast iron used on the porch.
Soldier’s and Sailors Monument in Cape May, New Jersey with 3 Victorian era houses behind it. At Gurney and Columbia St. in Cape May Historic District, an NHL since 1976, for its collection of Victorian architecture. Cape Island Baptist Church is to the photographer’s right (out of picture) and the Christian Science building is behind the photographer.


615 Columbia Avenue

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