635 Columbia Avenue (Jacksons Clubhouse)



Building Name: Jacksons Clubhouse
Address:  635 Columbia Avenue
Architect:  Button, Stephen Decatur
Builder: Hand and Ware
Year:  1872
Type:  Commercial
Style: Italianate Motifs
Current Status: Extant
Historic American Building Survey (HABS) number:   NJ-748
Material of Construction:  Frame sheathed in clapboards
Shape and Dimensions of Structure:  44′ (5-bay front) x 37′; 2 stories; cupola; hipped roof; 1-story porch extends around 3 sides
Exterior Features of Note:  Over-hanging eaves with heavy brackets; porch also bracketed and supported by a variety
of columns, including spiral corinthian; 1st story floor-to-ceiling windows with cornices;  bracketed cupola

A fine Italianate structure, originally built as a private “gentleman’s club.”

635 Columbia Avenue (Jacksons Clubhouse)

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